The 'I'm Terribly Awkward with Boys' Tumblr is a Study in Teen Romance

The 'I'm Terribly Awkward with Boys' Tumblr features the work of New York-based illustrator Mindsay Mohan, a self-proclaimed awkward boy-lover.

Certain featured drawings are heartbreaking and sentimental, while others are hilariously honest. Sassier pieces include a drawing of a beehive-sporting girl with the words, "You texted me while I was making breakfast w/ my new boyfriend. You said you had dreamt about me. Keep dreaming." Mindsay Mohan, whose artist name I absolutely love for the Lindsay Lohan tie-in, also includes drawings of boys who love boys, as one piece declares, "I can't wait to divorce you. In one of the states that actually offers you and I marriage, of course."

If you're looking for a laugh, or you want some awkward boy-loving support, the 'I'm Terribly Awkward with Boys' blog is the perfect place to start.