From Sassy Pussycat Photoblogs to Adorable Feline Adoption Sites

 - Nov 23, 2011
If you’re a true cat-lover who can’t get enough of that furball crawling all over you while silently begging for a belly rub, then you’ll love these comedic cat blogs.

These feline blogs include extremely cute, cat-altered album blogs and adorably spoiled fat-cat blogs that make you want to cuddle with these creatures. If you don't have a cat, no worries, as the photo blogs allow you to admire several cute kittens enjoying their fair share of luxury.

For those who own cats, you will love the sassy pussycats and the too-cool cats that will make you want to play dress-up with your furry friend. With such cat phenomena afoot, cats might be the new man’s best friend. These comedic cat blogs will leave you wanting more in all the right ways.