Idilios by Marta Soul is Full of Different Male Suitors

 - Nov 10, 2011
References: martasoul & mymodernmet
At first glance, the photo series titled Idilios by Marta Soul is rather romantic. It features a couple romantically kissing all over their expansive estate. Or does it? Upon closer inspection, the voyeur suddenly realizes that it is the same red-headed woman, but each frame features a different man. This Jezebel is definitely getting around.

The photo series Idilios by Marta Soul explores the ideas of "identity, sexuality, culture and the importance of appearance," as observed by My Modern Met. The Madrid-based photographer interestingly keeps the faces out of each shot, instead letting the setting, the poses and the fiery hair tell the story. Quiet and quirky, Idilios by Marta Soul has a wonderful 60s vibe, which lends a consumer lifestyle appeal to the series.