The IceShifts Series by Nicole Dextras Features Iced Garments

 - Mar 8, 2012
References: nicoledextras & frameweb
The IceShifts Series by Nicole Dextras features a multitude of frozen clothing garments, exhibited in blocks of ice to create interactive art installations and photo reproductions. The environmental artist's work deals with the idea of a garment's relationship with nature. Based on an earlier study, Dextras' experimentation with submerged fabrics lead her to her latest concept.

Freezing dresses and other clothing items in large ice blocks, the artist has created a stunning series that exhibits varying textures while playing with light transparencies. The dreamy and delicate art pieces make for an awe-inspiring installation that evokes emotion and movement despite its frozen and static state.

Reminiscent of dancing figures, the IceShifts Series by Nicole Dextras examines a garment's connection to the natural world around it. Fusing beautiful aesthetics with curious experimentation, this winning art series dares to amaze.