The Kickball Ice Cream Machine Turns Making Icy Desserts Into a Sport

 - Aug 26, 2014
References: hammacher & foodiggity
The Kickball ice cream maker turns the ice cream making process into a fun sporting game with its innovative sphere design. The idea is that kids and adults can have fun kicking the ball-like ice cream maker around while the ingredients magically come together to form a delicious pint of ice cream.

Churning ice cream can be a boring process to say the least. The Kickball ice cream maker turns churning into a game with a revolutionary ball design that uses the natural movement of rolling to churn the ingredients. All you have to do is fill the Kickball up with cream, ice and your choice of flavors and kick the ball around for about 20 minutes. While the ball churns the ice cream you'll feel like you're playing a fun game with a deliciously icy treat waiting for you at the end.