These Hypoallergenic Peanuts are Safe for Those with Nut Allergies

 - Jul 22, 2015
References: & mentalfloss
The USDA’s annual Technology Transfer report recently revealed that hypoallergenic peanuts may soon be available for widespread purchase. Currently there are about 2.8 million individuals in the US who suffer from severe peanut allergies. The new hypoallergenic nuts would allow many allergy-sufferers to finally enjoy the delicious taste of peanuts.

The hypoallergenic nuts were created as part of a collaborative project between North Carolina A&T University and the Toronto-based firm Xemerge. The researchers involved in the project created the hypoallergenic peanuts by roasting them, shelling them and then bathing them in an enzymatic solution. This process allowed researchers to remove about 98 percent of allergens without impacting the flavor or taste of the peanuts. While the new nuts may not be safe for absolutely everyone with peanut allergies, scientists hope that these peanuts may actually help some individuals develop a resistance to those allergens.