Hypertrust X-Chain Uses the Blockchain to Better Transfer Patient Data

 - Apr 11, 2018
References: camelot-itlab & cointelegraph
The Hypertrust X-Chain is an innovative new blockchain based system that is designed to securely manage sensitive medical data. Created by German-based Camelot Consulting Group, this new blockchain system offers the healthcare industry a secure digital platform that can easily be used to exchange patient data. The use of the blockchain allows the information to be stored in an incredibly secure location and only allows access to authorized participants with access to this platform.

To illustrate the potential and advantages of Hypertrust X-Chain, the company has used the example of extracorporeal cell therapies which generally involve multiple parties exchanging information. Traditionally medical information is shared, via analog means, to the treating clinic, cell removal center, service providers and pharmaceutical companies. This exchange can lead to multiple breaches and because information must be physically re-recorded can result in erroneous data. This example perfectly illustrates the deficiencies of the current system while also showing how Hypertrust X-Chain could streamline the process via its closed-loop supply chain approach. The use of the blockchain prevents any loss of data and can also ensure that no confusion or misuse of samples can occur.