The 'Hyperlight Aeros' by Lee Rosario Takes to the Skies or the Sea

 - Sep 6, 2018
References: yankodesign
The conceptual 'Hyperlight Aeros' is the design work of Lee Rosario and identifies how a transportation solution for the air can be given an amphibious update for a new kind of hybrid vehicle.

The jet is integrated with a dual-stage Rolls Royce Hybrid Electric Jet power plant on the rear that works to provide thrust power either in the skies or in the sea, depending on the needs of the passengers. The autonomous design of the vehicle allows passengers to simply input their destination and take off, while the interior space will offer comfortable amenities for up to three adults along with their luggage.

The conceptual 'Hyperlight Aeros' is capable of cruising at a maximum altitude of 20,000 feet or as low as 20 feet below the surface of the water.