Pixi by Petra's Lightweight 'Hydrating Milky Mist' Nourishes the Skin

 - Apr 16, 2018
References: cultbeauty
Beauty label Pixi by Petro introduced its Hydrating Milky Mist created with hyaluronic acid and black oats. This purpose of the moisturizing mist is to draw in water and keep moisture levels contained within the skin. The mist itself delivers a light feel to the skin, offering an essential way of maximizing dewiness of the skin without compromising the complexion. It can be used just over the surface of freshly cleaned skin as a pre-serum, or as a simple day cream. The Hydrating Milky Mist fills up dry skin cells and aims to eliminate fine lines to achieve a youthful appearance.

The mist is rejuvenating and refreshing with its formula that includes a blend of black oat products, linoleic acid and pro-vitamin A. The infusion of these ingredients reduce redness of the skin, assist in soothing irritation so that it is relieved, refreshed and calm.