This Initiative Aims to Raise Awareness About Hunger in America

'Feeding America' recently launched a new campaign that uses selfies to raise awareness about hunger in America. According to recent estimates, one in six Americans have struggled with food insecurity at some point. This campaign seeks to educate the public about the reality of hunger in the US.

The new campaign is called 'Spoontember' and it involves challenging supporters to take a picture of themselves balancing a spoon on their nose. As Feeding America CMO Johanna Vetter explains, "we chose the spoon as the icon because of its inherent link to food; it's how we feed ourselves and feed our children." Along with these spoon selfies, users are asked to include statistics about the shocking reality of food insecurity in America. Once a user has shared their picture on social media with the hashtag '#Spoontember', they are encouraged to challenge friends and family to do the same.

The campaign ultimately provides a unique way to engage and educate the public about hunger in America.