Clarisse Rebotier's Human-Like Animals Symbolize Materialism

 - Jul 14, 2016
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Clarisse Rebotier is a plastic artist and photographer based in France who is known for her pieces that depict human-like animals in a context that prompts a rich commentary.

While a past project, titled 'Animétro,' shows wildlife on public transit in the city, 'Animalls' shows the creatures slinking through the shopping aisles of a mall. The subjects are made to emulate human actions and desires of vanity, with an orangutan starring longingly at a shelf filled with hair-removal products being an example of the latter.

Other images show a rooster perched alongside cartons of eggs, a chimpanzee swinging through a selection of condiments, tigers looking at bottles of wine and a bat hanging upside down in the hygiene section. With this, Clarisse Rebotier uses the human-like animals to depict a connection between the two.