'Human Default' Stirs Thoughts of the Future and Introspection

 - Jul 30, 2012
References: gianlucatraina & juxtapoz
Italian artist Gianluca Traina created this bizarre and thought-provoking skin dress concept entitled 'Human Default.' It is hard to tell if the work is painting, sculpture or something else, but, really, the image is created through photo manipulation.

This work of art brings thoughts of futuristic androids to mind. It is impossible to tell if the robot is good or evil, and the idea of the robot both scares and excites. The skin dress concept also stirs thoughts of superficiality. Who are we underneath our skin, and what do people see us as when they only see what is on the outside?

'Human Default' is a piece of art that draws in an audience to inspect its bold imagery. Viewers are still thinking about this piece as they go on with their day, contemplating the future and themselves.