'Hudify' Lets Drivers Safely Get Directions and Information

 - Dec 13, 2016
References: gethudify & kickstarter
'Hudify' is a heads-up display for vehicles that makes it easier for drivers to safely take in important information. The display projects information gleaned from an accompanying app onto a translucent screen, letting drivers get directions, speedometer readings, and other important details without having to divert their eyes from the road.

People commonly use their smartphones for navigation and other roadside information. The problem with such a system is that, even when using something like a phone mount, looking over at one's phone forces drivers to look away from the road. Hudify reflects drivers' phone screens directly, meaning that drivers won't even have to diverge from the interface with which they're most comfortable. However, for those willing to try out new software, Hudify recommends using the Navmii app.