This Handy 'How to Choose Wine' Poster is for Indecisive Drinkers

This 'How to Choose Wine' Poster is perfect for those who are on the fence about which vino to drink for which occasion. If you know you're drinking, but are unsure whether it should be merlot, pinot or cabernet sauvignon, this interactive flow-chart format will narrow down the decision for you. The chart asks important questions; for instance, are you alone? Are you out for dinner in a place where you can't pronounce the menu? Or perhaps wine is the main course this evening. Whatever the occasion, this poster has you covered.

So whether you want to enjoy a glass with your TV dinner (they recommend 3-liter box wine for such evenings) or are bringing a bottle to a social gathering, consult your wine chart to avoid making a faux pas. If it's a bachelor party, the poster recommends you forego wine in favor of spirits. Meanwhile, if it's a gathering hosted by non-wine lovers, this cheeky chart suggests they "don't deserve wine."