How Much Will You Pay for Music in 2013?

 - Jun 18, 2012
The 'How Much Will You Pay for Music in 2013?' infographic is an interesting snapshot of multimedia costs of the future. The answer to how much multimedia will cost in the not so distant future, is nothing. You won't pay a dime. That's the direction that music is heading in if the current estimates are correct.

Since we have made the leap from vinyl to cds to mp3s, music has taken on an entirely different life form that has allowed us to access it on the cheap -- and I'm not referring to illegal downloads. Legal free music services are on the rise and have made huge headway in giving people what they want: free music. Even artists have been encouraging the movement by encouraging people to buy concert tickets by offering free singles (Madonna). Some people will still buy, but with music players like YouTube, they will be fewer and farther between.