MrTVCow Created a Hilarious Video on How Gamers Eat their Food

 - May 6, 2014
References: youtube & designtaxi
YouTube channel MrTVCow created a viral video that depicts how gamers eat their food. Similar to last year's viral video "How Animals Eat their Food," this video gives a comical look at what the dining table would be like with surreal dinner guests; it showcases how a gamer's avatar would eat in real life.

The video references pop culture video games such as Minecraft, Sky Rim, Assassins Creed, Portal and Bioshock Infinite. The YouTube account owners took the form of their avatars and mimicked their in-game eating habits. The results are truly comical.

When mimicking Minecraft, the diner throws food up at his face quickly and makes overly exaggerated chomping sounds. Ironically, no food is actually consumed. Likewise, the Skyrim character's food just disappears one-by-one off the table.