'House in Villamaria' Contrasts with the Surrounding Environment

 - May 24, 2018
References: archdaily
In nature, regularity is rare, which is what makes 'House in Villamaria' so visually interesting. Set amidst the rolling hills, craggy cliffs, and oblong flora of Villamaria, Colombia, the home is a tightly structured box that contrasts sharply against the natural landscape.

House in Villamaria further aims to highlight the contrast between its manmade existence and the natural world in its interior. The home has a small al fresco courtyard inside, but the majority of that space is evenly paved in concrete and rigid angles. However, at the very center, sticking up out of a precisely carved square in the floor, there's a tree. The local species further delineates the inherent irony in building in such a beautiful natural space. By highlighting that fact, the home is indeed more respectful than other in the area.

Image Credit: Angela Alvarez