'House in Aravaca' Has a Porch and a Pergola

 - Jun 1, 2018
References: archdaily
In a city like Madrid, where the temperature is hot more or less year round, the sun is a crucial natural factor to consider when designing a home, and DL+A De Lapuerta Campo's 'House in Aravaca' is evidence of that. The home is precisely arranged such that it maximizes sunlight in the places where it's most needed while keeping the property shaded where necessary as well.

House in Aravaca is organized around a sunny garden on the property. The house is arranged with an L-shaped layout, and the interior angle of that shape surrounds the garden. The architects opted to include a porch and a pergola surrounding this garden as well, but these areas are more sheltered with shade to make them more comfortable throughout the entire year.

Image Credit: Miguel de Guzman