Kevan Hall Spring 2008 Collection

 - Oct 22, 2007   Updated: Jun 21 2011
Animal motifs and traditional prints ruled the runway at LA's Fashion Week, as presented to us by new designer Kevan Hall in his "Africa- A Safari" collection.

The budding designer brought the rhythms, the grace, the sensual styles, and spicy colors from the various tribal nations scattered around Africa. He also incorporated traditional jewelry from the famed Masai tribe located in Kenya, adding an earthy warmness to the mix.

Implications - Other tribes that brought inspiration are Dinka and Zulu. Kevan Hall also drew from the wildlife in Africa such as antelopes and zebras. The collection consists of dashikis, gowns, jackets and vests that are all bright and uniquely patterned with the fabrics being made by artisans in Africa.