The Zillow Digs App Features Real Home Renovation Projects

 - May 10, 2016
'Zillow Digs' is an app that helps users find inspiration for home renovation projects by crowdsourcing ideas from other users. While there are a number of apps for finding home decor ideas, these platforms largely rely on professional images that are hard to recreate in real life. Zillow Digs provides a more realistic approach to home renovations by showing users examples of what other people have done to their own homes.

Zillow Digs primarily functions as a social platform for design inspiration. All of the images featured on the app are crowdsourced from other users in order to provide a library of real-life home renovation projects. Users can browse images by style or space and see estimates for the cost of each renovation. Users can then save images to create personalized design boards that can be shared over social media. There is even an option to follow other users or comment on interesting projects.

The app ultimately provides a way for consumers to get a more realistic idea of how different renovations will look and how much they will cost to carry out.