Hogwarts Walk of Shame Shows Even Magical Folks Get Humiliated

 - Nov 24, 2011
References: youtube & buzzfeed
The wizards in Harry Potter all grow up to be grand, magical and inspiring; but like many students in their post-secondary years, they all go through the Hogwarts Walk of Shame.

Aside from education, college is all about having fun and the occasional experimentation of -- well, you get the point. While that's commonplace for the average joe, the Hogwarts Walk of Shame shows that even wizards deal with regret the morning after a night of partying. This amusing music video has two females singing a customized version of Simon and Garfunkels 'The Sound of Silence' as a narration to one Hogwarts student whose beer goggles the night before have led her to do the nasty with someone she wished she never woke up to. Does she make it back to her dorm without judgmental eyes? Watch and find out.