Lesotho Implemented a Successful Healthcare Initiative Country-Wide

 - Feb 14, 2017
References: newsdeeply & vodafone
The Kingdom of Lesotho has one of the highest rates of HIV in the world, and so the country's Ministry of Health recently partnered with the Vodafone Foundation to offer better HIV treatment to women and children in the country.

The project comes in the form of an app that makes receiving HIV treatment much more accessible -- particularly for individuals in more remote regions. The project is officially called the 'Mobilizing HIV Identification and Treatment' program and has been successful so far. It involves users having access to a healthcare app that is combined with Vodafone's money service and allows healthcare practitioners to "track the progress of HIV patients in remote areas." In addition, traveling clinics provide HIV treatment and testing, and healthcare practitioners can use the app to send patients money for transportation to the nearest clinic, or send a mobile clinic to meet them somewhere.

This new healthcare initiative in Lesotho has made HIV treatment and identification much more accessible, and has resolved some of the logistical issues of clinics not being able to meet patient demand.