Hiroshi Manabe Renders Optimistically Sunny Futurescapes

Hiroshi Manabe renders highly retro-futuristic illustrations, following a postwar motif of optimism and union. The vibrant color palette seems to set onto each work, as if the universe is dripping in highly pigmented life. Manabe favors futurescapes, frequently depicting space ships, flying transportation and mechanical cities. He combines the highly dynamic compositions with clean, flowing lines, giving the works a crisp charm. While urban lifestyle is often visible within Manabe's work, he simultaneously creates a strong sense of collaboration between human and nature.

Hiroshi Manabe is a Japanese artist, born in Niihama, Shikoku. His artwork has become iconic within his home town, decorating the community. His illustrations can be found in mural installations at the Niihama Women's Plaza and an anti-nuclear arms monument. His works are engaging and hopeful.