Melanie Hoff Connected 15,000 Volts of Electricity to a Plank of Wood

 - Mar 8, 2013
References: vimeo & presurfer.blogspot
Melanie Hoff’s high-voltage art video is one that is certainly unique and not rarely experimented with. She connected a number of cables carrying 15,000 volts of electricity to a large plank of wood and filmed the outcome, which turned out to be surprisingly exquisite.

What interested me most while watching the video was how much the electricity spread around the wood in a way that was shaped like human arteries. The shape also resembles moss that spreads rocks underwater and tree branches that rise to the air.

It is always intriguing to observe how similar certain shapes in nature are to each other. The shapes that formed on the wooden plank were very dynamic and poetic. They created a story that could only be interpreted with some fascination and imagination.