Lilly Marthe Ebener's Newest Collection for Tots is Chic

Stylist, fashion editor and clothing designer Lilly Marthe-Ebener has designed a new collection of chic baby attire. These 100% natural fiber garments are sure to be a hit with your little tot.

Children’s fashion in Europe is at the opposite end of the fashion spectrum when compared with Canadian baby attire. Europe is renowned for being a fashion-forward country in comparison to both the US and Canada. Marthe-Ebener, who now lives and works in Paris, gives Canadians a chance to raise the fashion stakes with her newest line of baby apparel. Against mass-produced baby wear, Lilly Marthe-Ebener revives the true artistic nature of the creation of clothing.

The creation of this chic baby apparel involves a loom – an apparatus for making fabric by weaving either yarn or thread. Master weavers are employed for the creation of this collection.