What You Can Learn From Rocket Ships, Paper Planes and Origami

 - Dec 17, 2014
References: youtube
By day Robert Lang was a physicist and engineer, but by night he spent his time uncovering hidden opportunity in the dynamic underworld of paper folding. Obsessing over the intricate art of folding from a young age, Lang grew up to become an insatiable expert in the field of origami.

Folding legendary works of origami like the Black Scorpion from one single piece of paper lead Lang to the realization that concepts and patterns from one industry or idea are often transferable to seemingly unrelated ones. Lang took the world of origami to the next level by creating a coding software that synthesizes the paper folding steps to create any sort of shape or design. Today Lang has harnessed the potential of origami in the world of science, design and auto. He's tiny works of origami have been used in rocket ships, heart surgeries and even air bags.

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