The New Hermèsistible Site Presents Products Explained by Feelings

French luxury label Hermès has unveiled its Hermèsistible site which showcases a selection of jewelry from the brand's Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection. These lavish designs are explained by the Hermès dictionary.

The fictional Hermès dictionary includes words that define feelings that are difficult to describe. In a short and playful new video, consumers are given a glimpse of the accessories that will be offered on the new Hermèsistible site along with their corresponding words and definitions.

While Hermèsistible itself means "a Lexicon of wordelicious fashion jewelry," the products are described as Impulcie, Jalousele and Escapitude. While Impulcie defines a fleeting guilt when indulging a whim of child-like pleasure, Jalousele is a spark of envy in a shade of green and Escapitude covers the joy of making an impromptu escape.