Help The Aged: Video Games Keep Brains Young

 - Jun 20, 2006
Here's some welcome news: video games are actually good for your brain. And in Japan, older people are increasingly picking the games up to keep their brains sharp.

Video game makers are responding to the trend with new games specifically designed to enhance and sustain mental acuity. The games apparently delay the onset of dimentia. Millions of game have already been sold in Japan and they are now being launched in Europe.

In Tokyo, classes are held for people over the age of 40, to teach them how to use gaming systems. But the students aren't playing Halo 2. They're using new games designed to train them in math, science and logic. They also play golf games and use drumming machines to train hand-eye coordination.

"With our low birth rate," said Namco spokesman Yoshiaki Kawamura. "it's obvious we're going to be dominated by people over the age of 60 from now on. They want to have fun in their lives.

"The computer game industry for the elderly is a growing market for us."