The Heineken Ignite Bottle Turns Backyard Barbecues into Raves

 - Jun 27, 2013
References: geekologie & thatsnerdalicious
The Heineken Ignite bottle is the latest beer bottle/can redesign to hit store shelves. Beer companies have recently turned to redesigning their cans and bottles in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. Heineken has decided to add LED lights to its bottles. The lights go off when you cheers someone or take a sip -- oh, and they also flash to the rhythm of the music, should music be playing while you're drinking.

Bottles that light-up would definitely put a fun spin on drinking. That being said, the novelty of the Heineken Ignite bottle may wear off sooner rather than later. The Ignite bottle will be coming out in a couple of months. No word has been given yet regarding whether it will be released in a limited run, or how much it will cost.