The Haven Heat-Activated Fire Extinguisher is Simple to Install

 - Oct 25, 2018
References: amazon & dudeiwantthat
Traditional fire extinguishers can be difficult to use in the event of a real emergency, so the Haven Automatic Heat-Activated Fire Extinguisher has been developed as a better alternative to keep homeowners safe.

Installing into ceilings in mere minutes, the fire extinguisher works by detecting for heat and smoke to automatically disperse a dry, nontoxic fire suppression chemical agent that could stop a fire from spreading. This could buy precocious moments to escape a home or eliminate flames without causing any damage to your home like traditional water-based fire suppression systems do.

The Haven Automatic Heat-Activated Fire Extinguisher doesn't require power to be installed and can even be placed in unheated buildings like exterior sheds or seasonal establishments to keep them safer when uninhabited.