This Healthy Veggie Dip is Made Using Greek Yogurt

 - Sep 24, 2015
References: acouplecooks & acouplecooks
This healthy veggie dip is a delicious alternative to traditional pre-packaged dips without the additives, fillers and artificial flavors. Instead this dip is made from healthy ingredients without compromising on taste or flavor.

Veggie dips are a great snack item to enjoy along freshly sliced produce, but the store-bought versions tend to be filled with unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients. This homemade dip version is nutritious and easy to make without the use of processed ingredients. The recipe calls for 2% greek yogurt topped with spices such as garlic powder, parsley, dill, salt and pepper. You can easily sub in fresh or dried herbs for the dip depending on what you have on hand. Diced shallots are also added to the mix to give the dip texture.