Trend Hunter's Misel Saban Counts Down her Favorite Examples of Healthy Soda

 - Dec 1, 2014
If you love the fizz of carbonated drinks but want to avoid all the sugar and empty calories, healthy soda alternatives are a better option. Trend Hunter Editor and PR Specialist Misel Saban shares her top picks for soda upheaval, which use more natural ingredients. From bubbly pumpkin teas to energetic vitamin drinks and invigorating matcha lemonade, these alternative drinks are delicious and better for you.

Should you find yourself at Disneyland this autumn, their range of fall flavored bubble teas are a healthier choice than standard fizzy drinks. Or if you're looking for something a little less conspicuous, the Vičiūnai Group's line of vitamin-packed energy drinks looks like regular soda cans. Another way to do natural energy is with a matcha-based lemonade, which has the added antioxidant benefits from green tea.