'Healthi' Performs Tests to Recommend Preventive Health Practices

 - Sep 15, 2017
References: healthi.in & yourstory
Good health is as much a matter of preventing issues from arising as it is a matter of treating those problems when they come, and Healthi is a new startup that's hoping to make it easier for people to do the former before they're forced into the latter. The startup uses analytics to recommend preventive practices for each individual user, eschewing blanket solutions in favor of uniquely designed treatments.

Every patient is different, and yet most preventive options are designed to be as broad as possible. Walking, running, cycling, and other regular forms of exercise are certainly important, and so is the general recommendation of eating healthy, but those can only be so effective for any individual. Healthi analyzes patients' information, habits, and behaviors to come up with a tailored package that's right for them.