Headspace's Airline Partnerships Help Travelers Keep Calm in the Sky

 - Feb 1, 2018
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For all the benefits of commercial flight, Headspace's airline partnerships show that the mode of travel will always be a potentially uncomfortable one. However, these partnerships also show that there are ways around the barrage of discomfort often associated with air travel, from anxiety to sleep-cycle misalignment. The popular meditation app has partnered with airlines around the world to bring its platform up into the skies.

It's blissful to have one's head in the clouds metaphorically, but having one's head in the clouds isn't always pleasant when it's taken literally. Many people have intense anxiety when it comes to flying, and virtually everyone suffers from sleep problems when they go across multiple time zones. Headspace's airline partnerships include Air Canada, British Airways, Delta, JetBlue, and Virgin Atlantic, so travelers can stay calm and diurnal no matter where they're flying.