The 'Harvest Dome 2.0' Floats Elegantly Over the Harlem River

 - Aug 7, 2013
References: sloarchitecture & gizmag
Floating gracefully on the Harlem River in New York is a giant metallic dome called the 'Harvest Dome 2.0.' Made of recycled umbrella frames, the dome sits on the surface of the river. SLO Architecture created the installation to celebrate the tides of the river. As the tides change, the Harvest Dome goes from resting on a mudflat to floating adrift on water.

The Harvest Dome 2.0 is the second iteration of a failed project. After the first installation was lost in an accident, the architecture firm worked to build another one. The canoes transporting the first version of the Harvest Dome lost control and let it drift to Rikers Island where prison officers destroyed it. Money was then raised on Kickstarter to rebuild the project.