Karolina Waz Stars in Harper’s Bazaar Mexico February 2014

This Harper’s Bazaar Mexico February 2014 shoot is so monochromatic, even the model’s face is painted to match the clothing. Tom Schirmacher snaps up this oddly alluring spread. Model Karolina Waz gets plastered with white makeup to help her blend into the fashions. Even her hair gets covered and around her eyes, an intensely white silver adds extra oomph.

The fashion in this stony Harper’s Bazaar Mexico February 2014 spread is actually pretty light and airy. Partially sheer white blouses are decorated with lace, flowers and buttons. As Karolina Waz pushes stares intensely into the camera at you, her painted white hair sticks out in different and interesting directions. The whole editorial looks like a portrait of a marble statue that just came to life.