This Pedal Uses a Haptic Feedback Mechanism to Communicate with Drivers

'Bosch' is producing a revolutionary new pedal that uses a haptic feedback mechanism to alert drivers to signals they might otherwise ignore. While modern cars are equipped with a number of features that make it safer to drive, not everyone operates a vehicle with the same care. This device uses foot-level communication to ensure drivers are aware of their actions.

The haptic pedal from Bosch is designed to vibrate, knock and even push back in order to communicate with drivers. The pedal is able to carry out these functions thanks to a haptic feedback mechanism that relays certain information. As the manufacturers explain, the pedal could be used to alert drivers when the combustion engine is on, when they are going uphill too fast or even when they go into coasting mode.

In addition to keeping drivers alert, the pedal could also be used to make drivers more efficient. In turn, this could help to reduce fuel consumption and make cars more eco-friendly.