The 'Handprint' App Measures How Much You're Doing to Heal the Planet

 - Jun 22, 2013
References: & fastcoexist
Measuring your positive social impact, the 'Handprints' app quantifies how much you're helping the planet. The web app looks at how much you've reduced your footprint or cut down on other's footprints. All of your stats are calculated in order to display your carbon impact.

Handprints was named by founder Greg Norris who wanted to create the opposite of footprints. Since footprints are negative indicators, Handprints works to be a positive one.

The app was created in order to encourage people to engage in positive, eco-friendly activities. Gamifying your quest to reduce your carbon footprint and improve the Earth helps motivate people to care for our planet.

Though the app attempted to launch a Kickstarter campaign, the project ultimately remained unfunded. The team is currently revamping the platform to try again later.