These Handmade Lamps are Made from Paper Yarn and LED Lights

 - Jun 16, 2016
References: designdirectory & designboom
Elizabeth Salonen of Mottoform, a Canadian design studio, created a series of handmade lamps. The resulting products are minimalist, unique and energy efficient -- making use of LED lights and few materials.

With the lamp shades knitted from white paper yarn, the Loop Lamps can take on a variety of different shapes and feature a lightweight design that makes them easily portable. Elizabeth Salonen is said to have been inspired by the idea of mixing the traditional art of knitting with technological aspects -- exploring the possibilities between them successfully. As each of the handmade lamps is made individually, they all differ from one another and can be customized for smaller, larger and more intricate pattern options. The paper yarn that surrounds the LED lights are enclosed in an acrylic case -- making sure that it isn't damaged during movement and allowing it to emit a soft glow throughout the room. Photo Credits: designboom, designdirectory