These Sleek Flamethrowers Can Fit Inside a Purse

 - Jul 19, 2017
References: telegraph &
These handbag flamethrowers are the latest self-defense tool marketed toward women in urban areas.

With street attacks and thefts on the rise, companies are creating inventive new ways to arm civilians against assailants. This protective device is both sleek and destructive. Compact enough to fit into a traditional handbag, the device provides potential victims with the ability to take the forceful and life-saving steps necessary to survive. Although it looks fatal, the company assures users the device is a non-lethal tool capable of scaring an attacker, but it is not a weapon. The flames can last for up to 30 minutes, providing users with ample time to safely remove themselves from dangerous situations.

The handheld device is capable of throwing a stream of fire up to half a meter long.