These Hamster Pictures Show the Clever Rodent Playing Dress Up

When you think of hamster pictures, princesses and mermaids are probably the last thing you would associate it with. However, now that ‘MythsandFabrications’ has released his series of amusing hamster pictures, the furry little rodents will have an entirely new whimsical portrayal.

‘MythsandFrabrications’ got the idea to take these pictures because of his daughters request to dress up her pet hamster—curiously named David Bowie—in dolls clothes. Seeing as a hamster is most likely not going to put up with being dressed up, he came up with an imaginative solution to the problem. His idea would turn into hilarious pictures of the hamster peaking its head through a hole that had an image drawn on the other side. Having the hamster seemingly transformed into a clown, mermaid and even the cat from Alice in Wonderland.