This Clip Combines Halloween Classics to Create an Even Stranger Film

 - Oct 15, 2015
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This short film by French studio Gump TV takes two Halloween classics and creates an entirely surreal mash-up video. Titled 'The Red Drum Getaway,' the mini movie uses scenes and elements from both Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick films.

Kubrick produced and directed The Shining, which was has become a Halloween classic since its release in 1980. Its psychologically chilling imagery and gotcha moments make it a perfect movie to watch on the spookiest night of the year. Decades earlier, Alfred Hitchcock created a slew of creepy Halloween classics. His 1960 thriller Psycho is thought of as the first-ever slasher movie, while his films The Birds and Vertigo prey on common fears and nightmares.

This Halloween classic mash-up re-imagines Kubrick as the villain in Hitchcock's films. Its creepy surrealism will put horror lovers in the mood for Halloween.