Hakanai by Adrien M and Claire B is a Multi-Dynamic Dance Performance

Hakanai by Adrien M and Claire B adds a virtual aspect to the motion and feeling of dance performance.

Utilizing the eMotion tool developed by Adrien Mondot, the modern movement piece is harmonized with the physical dancer to create a spectacle of emotion and light. "This collage is the symbolic starting point of this partition for a dancer encountering images, giving rise to a space at the fringe of the imaginary and the real," say Adrien M and Claire B of their creation.

There is something to be said for this entirely novel way of exploring space in the dance realm. Timing, rhythm and physical movement are married seamlessly with the digital aspect of the act. Hakanai by Adrien M and Claire B transcends conventional dance performance with its virtual facet that more completely depicts the sentiment of the art.