Robert Barta's 'Crossing Half a Million Stars' Requires Balance

 - Jul 22, 2013
References: sherinnajjar & lostateminor
Inventive artist Robert Barta is known for his creative and interactive installations, but his latest exhibition, titled 'Crossing Half A Million Stars,' takes his interactive approach to art to a whole new level.

Consisting of half a million ball bearings scattered on the floor of the Sherin Najjar gallery in Berlin, Germany, this exhibition requires excellent balance of its participants. Viewers must walk across the floor, trying not to slip and fall due to the hundreds of thousands of metallic spheres under their feet.

In creating this installation, Barta wished to provide viewers with a way to focus on their actions and the actions of those around them. By forcing them to concentrate on remaining upright, viewers must clear their heads of everything but how their body is moving. For this reason, 'Crossing Half A Million Stars' is a stunning example of interactive artwork at its more creative and existential.