Air France is Introducing Gum on a Plane for Take Off and Landing

 - Jul 11, 2017
References: airfrance & adsoftheworld
It is a common practice for travelers to take chewing gum on a plane to prevent their ears from popping while in the air, but Air France is now offering its own brand of gum to help passengers alleviate the unpleasant sensation. Air France's 'La Gomme à Mâcher' is branded as a "take off and landing chewing gum," which comes in decadent flavors like crème brûlée and pistachio macaron.

As well as helping to prevent popping sensations within the ears, the bold chewing gum flavors help to give airplane passengers a taste of the kinds of classic treats they can expect to find in France.

Many airlines have launched special inflight tasting menus to take advantage of one's heightened sense of taste on a plane, but this simple chewing gum serves a practical purpose for travelers.