GS1 Portugal's Facade has an Angular, Sculptural Mural

 - May 18, 2017
References: & archdaily
There's a fine line between art and architecture, and GS1 Portugal, an office building in Lisbon, sits perfectly on the edge. The building is home to a futuristic global non-profit dedicated to securing the technological authenticity of QR codes, and it's facade features a bas-relief sculpture that artistically references that forward-looking ethos.

Each side of GS1 Portugal is covered in louvered concrete slabs that extend from the roof to the ground. The exposed sides of these slabs each have a section of the bas-relief image, so when a visitor stands at an angle to the building, they can make out the complete sculpture. The images themselves consist of pictures of human faces and eyes, but they are pixelated -- a clear reference to the QR codes that the company helps to upkeep.