This Greek Pharmacy Design is Playful and Vibrant

 - Apr 10, 2015
This ultramodern Greek pharmacy is a shining example of innovative retail design concepts that go above and beyond mere function.

Designed by Lefteris Tsikandilakis, the project was a renovation and was based on the idea that one of the main barriers to enjoyment and efficiency in the workplace is the claustrophobic image of a the workplace. In that sense, Tsikandilakis aimed to create a design that remained playful and evoked a feeling of ergonomic design.

The pharmacy makes a delicate balance between form and function, with a one-piece curved product display characterizing the interior space, which is brightly lit and which continues the green, red and blue color scheme from the exterior.

This Greek pharmacy is a unique and intriguing approach to re-envisioning the ways in which pharmacies promote products.