The City of Los Angeles' "Graphics Designer" Ad is Intentional Ugly

 - Jan 22, 2018
References: twitter & core77
More often than not, companies hire new employees based on need, and if they City of Los Angeles' ad for a "graphics designer" is any indication, the west coast city is in dire need. The ironic ad, which was posted on Twitter and Facebook by the official LA city department's channels, looks like it was crafted on an old version of Microsoft Paint — and indeed it may have been.

The city's ad read with standard classified copy: "The City of Los Angeles is now hiring Graphics Designer". The ad also includes a website, dates for when to apply, and the salary range for the position. While all that is normal enough, the design of the ad is what stands out, and not for good reason. Its uneven lines and use of Comic Sans are any graphic designer's nightmare, and that's precisely what the ad is meant to illicit.