The Graft Tower is a Living Structure to Support Life

 - Jun 27, 2011
References: diegotaccioli & ecofriend
The human race has, in many ways, gone too far in manufacturing materials and monuments that will never be able to break back down into the earth. The Graft Tower planned for Puerto Rico, however, will be quite different.

Working with Tyler Wallace and Sizhe Chen, Diego Taccioli conceived this remarkably organic piece of architecture which promises to incorporate the most invaluable elements of the natural landscape.

The basic skeletal structure of the skyscraper relies on the cutting-edge construction technologies and materials, exploiting the best that steel and carbon fiber have to offer. A complex network of stiff mesh elements will be soften by thriving vines and greenery that will define the look of the building.

Inhabitants of the Graft Tower will live in pod apartments and enjoy the sustainable services of vertical agriculture, harvested water, sunlight and passive ventilation.