Bright Greens' Grab-and-Go Smoothies Can Be Made Outside the Kitchen

Enjoying a grab-and-go smoothie typically requires preparing one ahead of time with a blender or relying on a shop to stock prepackaged options. While some brands offer time-saving smoothie cubes that help to build rich smoothie bases, this option also depends on having a blender at home. Bright Greens sets itself apart as a maker of smoothie cubes that can be made on the run with hot water and a shaker bottle.

The brand's "Smoothie Shake-Ups" are offered in flavorful varieties like Mintergreen, Pineapolis, Bright Blueberry and Peaches & Green, each of which is packed with nourishing fruits and vegetables like kale, spinach and dates. These concentrated smoothie cubes are also blended with orange juice, coconut water and lemon juice to create healthy and refreshing on-the-go beverages.